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musikell I love House Of Stairs! Sensual, thoughtful, beautiful,real and heartfelt! Favorite track: Stop Sign.
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released June 11, 2015


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House of Stairs Phoenix, Arizona

House of Stairs is a jazz-based collective that draw from funk, soul and pop influences to create a distinct progressive soundscape. Inspired by the visual innovations of M.C. Escher, House of Stairs exploring multi-faceted interactions between harmony, meter and lyrics that are both compelling and imaginative. ... more


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Track Name: Pannonica
Softer than Silk
And as warm as warm milk
Light as air and able to fly
Lost songs no bliss
While they're waiting for her kiss
Pannonica my butterfly

Fluttering one
Fair and bright as the sun
Light as wind embracing the sky
Colorful wings
Soft and gaily painted things
Pannonica my butterfly

Like the lovely flowers
I'll wait for hours
Just to feel your touch
The touch that I love so much
One day she'll flutter by
And I'll hold out my hand
And capture my butterfly

Delicate things
Such as butterfly wings
Poets can't describe though they try
Love played a tune
As she steps from her cocoon
Pannonica my lovely, lovely little butterfly
Track Name: Clear Smoke
In a room she leaves,
Green confetti while her limbs dance by strings
Mindlessly wasting years,
Of life she tends to others' decay

How long does it take to fall?
How long does it take to fall?

She moves along,
They move along,
We all move along until we sleep.

Severed exchanges tied
By rings with no single thought for two.
Elephants invade
Silent scenes and light a match made for bombs

How long does it take to blow?
How long does it take to blow?

She moves along,
They move along,
We all move along until we crack.

One burning floor about you is all it takes to ride
Watching all the walls blend with the smoke and fade
Oh to love an ashy reflection
Oh to love the formless sut and reminents of
Track Name: Silence Won't You Come Back
It's gettin hard to escape
My own mind runnin after me.
The corners I find
Aren't dark enough to keep me out of sight.

Windin reels play demands on repeat
Inchin near my heels while I'm already hearin from right and left.
Verging a moment serene
But the noise stays toe to toe securing theft of dear remaining space.

Silence won't you come back?
Silence won't you come back?
Silence won't you come back, and ease my mind.

I can't sleep, I've no peace,
Just midnight cravings for a sweet release,
No compass to stay north
No coordinates, I'm scatterbrained

Mind please stop rambling
I can't decipher sounds of moving lips while you speak so loud.
Running running I can't leave my past behind me
Or my future ahead of me.

Silence won't you come back?
Silence won't you come back?
Silence won't you come back?
Silence won't you come back?
Silence won't you come back, and ease my mind.
Track Name: Stop Sign
Your compliments don’t compliment me
In the night when you’re lonely I’d rather not read your mind
Your wish lists don’t wish to list me
I am no remedy for the pen that you keep alive

Your embrace doesn’t embrace me
The warmth you perceive sends shivering through my spine
Your release doesn’t release me
The troubles of your day simply shifted to greet my night

How many words does it take to forget your lines
How many digs how many twining vines
How many drops does it take to dilute the signs

That say stop to borders unraveling by a thread
That say stop to a storyline disappearing under
Tides of imagination gone awry
For the pupils are blind to the sides of their neck
As wily bolts give life to a current that forges
Loving eyes, a heart prize
But my volition never breathed in this night

Your silence doesn’t silence the hissing
Or the recreant rattle that follows its lead
Your blanket doesn’t blanket my trembling
I’m still soiled by decrees dripping disdain from your lofty streams

Maria’s rain remains on my plain
My feet are blistered by a binding walk of shame
I serve a sentence while I’m the last to blame
Pardon me

When will a dam give me air to hang and dry
When will the wolf face the thread of moirai
When will the kindred crimson drip away from signs

That say stop to burials muffling voices still unheard
That say stop to morality blurring quietly under the
fifth that pleads for redaction of the word

As the vandalized have no bounds that protect
While barless cells give life to a prison that has
No timeline, a penalized
Imagination forges hell from both sides
Track Name: Zoloft
Practicing my coffin pose
Airbrushing colors of a pulse
Down to the bottom of the pyramid
Listening to my breath
In hopes it pulls me out of a vortex infinite
Yearning for the blood to return to my limbs

Callouses cover it all
Time pauses with nowhere to go
Clouds blur traces of sun
Wake and sleep blend into one

I wanna feel again
I wanna feel again
I wanna feel again
I wanna feel again

Motivation far removed
Expectations follow suit
Bliss from my mental traffic dismissed
Locked in my room, appearing remiss
But words leave me amiss
Yearning for my voice to return to my lips

Pinching myself to awake from this trance
Counting down to surface my distant consciousness
I won't stand for seeking turbulence
Without a ripple to confirm I still live

I wanna feel again
I wanna feel again
I wanna feel again
I wanna feel again

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