House of Stairs

by House of Stairs

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readaux The recording and mixing are impeccable. Warm bass tones and sparkling vocals and cymbals. As recorders and performers, A+ perfection all around. The real piano and Rhodes-like electric piano layer very well in every track they are paired in. Bass clarinet and saxophone make an appearance. Everything is tastefully spaced out. Favorite track: Veil.
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released September 16, 2018

Holly Pyle - vocals, harmonies
Garrison Jones - synth, piano, vocals
Stephen Avalos - drums, percussion, production

Shea Marshall - piano, bass clarinet, accordion, sax
K. (Lord Kash) Cole - MC
Adrienne Finet - Violin
Aaron Requiro - Viola
Chris Finet - Bass

Noah Guttell - tracking: piano + strings
Ryan Hall - tracking, mixing, production
Bob Hoag - mastering
Jason Livermore - mastering

All songs written and composed by House of Stairs


all rights reserved



House of Stairs Phoenix, Arizona

House of Stairs is a jazz-based collective that draw from funk, soul and pop influences to create a distinct progressive soundscape. Inspired by the visual innovations of M.C. Escher, House of Stairs exploring multi-faceted interactions between harmony, meter and lyrics that are both compelling and imaginative. ... more

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Track Name: Intro (Soul of My Own)
Soul of my own
Track Name: Veil
Greet the day, Flag upon my head
Seems the sun, wont fit through the mesh
Neverending sleeves wrap my limbs, I can’t feel my sole in these slippers
Strips embalm my soul

Frosted feet biting through my legs
Black and Blue they quit
Walking towards their fit

Stretch the Sky, and slip in through the clouds
I just wanna feel your warmth, I just wanna feel your warmth
Stretch the wrap, and slip it to the floor
I just wanna feel your hands, I just wanna feel your hands

Here lies a picket fence
Hiding under maiden gossamer curtains
Signed by a keystone flight of courtship
Locks my hollow hive
Honeycomb tunnels guard my iris
Cataract socket seals my asylum

Break my glass, And ring around the shards
I just wanna see your face, I just wanna see your face
Smash all the lights, And dance around the bulbs
I just wanna see the stars, I just wanna see the starts

Nectar of my heart
Fractures let my eyes see through the jar
Dial of the sun finds my flower
Track Name: Cartier Bresson
You left a letter timeless
Reminiscing spoken silence that haunts me to this day
I’ve no pictures of your face
But your expression remains
ingrained with each corresponding view sprawled ‘cross the page

Songs you claimed keep sustaining distinct imprints without fade
I see in the back row of each concert your ghost raids
My resolve as I cling to the depths of this cave
But we never learned to laugh

I still get lost in your words
Rereading love until it hurts, as the postmark trails away
I remember a feeling
I remember your silhouette
But your color I forget the black and white is all that’s left

Songs you claimed keep sustaining distinct imprints without fade
I see in the back row of each concert your ghost raids
My resolve as I cling to the depths of this cave
But we never learned to laugh

I can’t get you out of my head
I can’t get you out of my head
I can’t get you out of my head
Track Name: Autopilot
Invective blades,
Slice though my jaded palms
Veins numb to blushing violet lakes
Lash of gleaming shades,
Lure the lost to feast their eyes on graves
Exposé of chambered souls at early age

Dull mirages hide the prints
That finely thorn and frame the fence
The barbs remain,
Below the treasures blanketing the stage
No room for shadows in the jewel case,
Menagerie’s façade sustained


Rap verse by Kash:
From protons electrons to A.I. automatons
Relinquish your free will, for your protection
Killed spirit burned roots cut all your connections
Who are you? Don't even recognize your reflection
Did you take the red pill or did you give up control?
Do believe all they told? did you sell them your soul?
Do look you to the sky for a savior to come?
Or look in the mirror knowing you are the one?
Seize your destiny ain't no magic recipe
Live like it's your last day never just let it be
Do not go softly into the night rage against the machine
chase the truth like it's the air that you breathe
You will find passion is the key to unlock the mystery
When you love what you do life becomes a symphony

Rifler ammo arms the smiths,
Exposed to lapses of their tricks
Malignant strides no match for eyes,
Attentive to their shifting tides
My trove within,
Unmoved by spinning slander of my skin
Track Name: Cutout
The candle you hold to one side
They all adore the show you write
Little they know where you store your spine
Hiding the fold that wrinkles your lies

You cut me out, and I'm down on the floor
You cut me out, and I'm down on the floor

Was my home too foul for your style
I wanted a verdict to resolve my trial
but you ran away and kept your denial

You cut me out, and I'm down on the floor
You cut me out, and I'm down on the floor
You cut me out, and I'm down on the floor
You cut me out, and I'm down on the floor
Track Name: SCUBA
Faithful orb formidable
Shattered rule summons her force

Arc disguised with straightened sides
Flammable feeling

Burn the ceiling
Robe of fire
Heir of she
Set free

They scraped the skies
With clear lies
Fumes are robbing my air supply

Hourglass descending
As my form is ending
But mother never measured time

Burn the ceiling - I'm under
Robe of fire - on me
Heresy - is a lie
Heir of she - lifted
Hiding - to be heard
Fighting - her form
Set -all who speak
Free - from he

Beneath the surface on a voyage, to the real me
I was baptized inside of fire but the water healed me
Distilled me to the essence it's levels to the lessons no exceptions
The ripple effect stretch in every direction
Evolution in stages embrace it face the storms
You got think live and BE different than BEfore
The deeper you go the further you grow outside the norm
Bending elements keep shifting to better forms
1 things for sure. Outer and inner war
Build and destroy. I'm wavy to the core
Dive with no fear I stare into the abyss
I escape to the depths the peace and quiet is bliss
There's they don't understand put what i am on the list
They try to dictate my fate but i refuse to submit
The pressure made me stronger a polished black pearl
I'm breathing underwater wouldn't trade it for the world.

Liquid whole
Finds me safe and sound
Womb of free mind
Scribes my scroll and weaves unfettered rhyme
Unified to build a new home
Reaching down to hear the spiral
Untied, unhide, unfold
Track Name: Inkwell
Pen mark down

Ink from my chest, pouring out
Scribbled plight. stripped pride.
Send my form
Enveloped mache shielding on
My guard is gone

We erased the dawn.

Harbor of night
Mirror of the deep blue fight
Seep from your shell

Foam and fear of the well

Cry a little longer,
your eyes can’t breathe by staying dry.

Deep blue tide roused by the storm, flipped eyes
Sprawled on the coast
Mourning engulfs me

out of sight out of mind out of time out of blind out of line let me sink
out of air out of form out of fog out of scared out of warm let me drink
every wave every tide every stream every pool every sea everything

let me drown let me drown let me drown let me drown let me drown in my

Harbor of night
Mirror of my hidden strife
Seep from my shell
Foam and fear from the well
Track Name: Lineal
Second Root, stretched so far
While chained to the floor
Broken up, spirits crushed
Underneath the window pane

Arms around thoughts abound, dreams of a sweet and healing sound (4x)

Second Branch, stretched so far
Feel the weight of the sky
Broken down, drowning in your drought
And I lay by your side

Arms around thoughts abound, dreams of a sweet and healing sound (4x)

I know all the hours you’ve lost, I know all the hours you’ve lost
I know all the days you’ve lost, I know all the days you’ve lost
I know all the years you’ve lost, I know all the years you’ve lost
And I’m losing mine, And I’m losing mine
Track Name: Alphabet Soup
So much time you assign to delicate arrangements of lines
Without a space in sight

A host of scrambled eyes, I’m lost in stories visualized
You should see the kaleidoscope I’ve made
With words you didn’t say

Runs of lines never paint
Any likeness to the depths that sculptures claim
Or text that pauses frame

Spoon-fed alphabet soup on my tongue
Tied a noose of mumbled letters strung out
Plagiarizing palates of the blinded broth

Leave me a smile,
no need to explain progressions of every muscle twitch
no point in wasting breath
the banner screens from a muted print press
Your words simply rattle my brain it’s too much to take
While I’m streaming sips between your ivory gates

Swivel spoons through life’s cartoons
No telling what message you’ll find
Upon resting characters dined

Sail and savor wandering fruits of play
Bore ships that float by buoyant claims
Dreams discovered just below their fame
Track Name: St. Francis
Amber tanks, Smoke chambers
Silent friends, Figment flares
Vinyl moat, you’re sunk in your chair
Boom box flooding memories’ terror

You let go instead, When there’s time to be scared
You imagined beating the heartless,
Nevermind, never a mind when you’re gone,
peace you find?

Dialogue half-muted
Traveling strays stay rooted to their homes
Clothesline thudding, marrow tiers collapse.
Long drive, Buick spattered

You fell in a snare
Concealed arm of fire stealing air
Only you saw the forces coming
Never mind, never a mind while you cry wolf, near the blind

And they never let go, they said nevermind you’re so slow
Secret transport of mind to hospice,
Through town your allies roam.
And Luke took you home
Track Name: Beat
Dream away, weary child
Don’t you see the day is done
Rest your eyes, fears aside
Closet shadows have no feet to run

Count your sheep,
Hold the sweet beady bear that soothes your grief
Walk with me
Match my pace til the maker stretches space between the beats

Constant heat from sun you seek
Running from perimeters of night
Moments fleet, blinding dust
Falling behind hooves beyond the speed of light

Hasted gains, Surge your panes
But windows fail to hide
the limp in your gait
the load on your plate
your efforts to avoid the roommates of your pillowcase
peace will greet your restless cradle only if you

Breathe a sigh for you alone,
Solace waits for you in the air.
You have hearts that beat for you
no matter how fast you race to your grave
away from love’s exchange
away from cooling shade
towards the rest that lies within
without the need for stones that mark your fate

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